Quirky Alice and The Three Merry Sisters

We are three sisters, Terrie, Debbie, and Jayne, who live in NY.  Ever since I can remember, we’ve had adventures together — some very unusual ones — which have helped inspire our Quirky Alice site, Etsy shop, and flea market vendor business.

Terrie is our “baby sister”.  She lives with her husband, their two active sons, and one sweet dog, in the Mid-Hudson Valley.  Their warm home also serves as the gathering place for the extended family and there is never a dull moment!    She is the creator and designer of our beautifully unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, and crafted items for your home and garden.

Jayne is our oldest sister and was a loving care-giver to our amazing mom and dad, until their passing.  Our childhood home was always filled with adventures, road trips, and laughter.  Jayne is a mom and a grandmother and hand-makes, crafts, and designs beads and charms used in our whimsical pieces.

I, Debbie, am the middle sister who writes the stories, blogs, and blurbs.  I am a retired nursery school teacher who lives on Long Island with my husband of 37 years.  We also have three lovely daughters, two sons-in-law, and one interesting dog.

We have combined our whimsical, quirky, crafts with the inspiration from our real life — our discoveries and journeys.  It is our hope they will add color, delight, and a certain unusual charm to your home.

May you find a land of wonder here.  Please come along with us on a journey … you won’t have to pack your bags … just come as you are.